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Journal Entry

Some truths:

  1. Often you will feel but never actually be alone.
  2. Being soft and being strong are not mutually exclusive.
  3. We break and repair each other. The latter moreso than the former.
  4. Whatever time it is is a glorious time to be alive.
  5. You and space have a lot in common. Expand. Inspire. Be. You are already home.

Let There Be You

I believe God’s fifth word,
after putting light in your eyes,
was “enjoy.”

A Message

A blackbird once gave me a silver flask with darkness inside.  The words inscribed on the side said,

Dear friend,
Let go,
of diet tips,
of blame,
of her.
Cut off all your hair to see how it feels
and to help distinguish
between attention and interest.
Know why she left.
Crumple those paper promises into a broken ball.
Digest the bowling ball in your stomach,
swallow the shoelaces keeping you tongue tied and
go once more into the breach dear friend.
Put pressure on that bleeding heart,
love infinity plus one.
Let getting up conquer giving in.
There’s a twenty on the sidewalk with your name on it.
You are the star of your own movie,
come into this like opening credits.
a square peg on a round planet
finds an adorable equilateral triangle
and together they shape each others lives,
making geometry and storyline arcs
across mountains,
or the blocks of the Lower East Side.
Making love on the kitchen counter,
staying warm through the winter.

Opening Up

An investment is
putting something in
and hoping to get more out.
In that case
let me give you the
best stock tip:
love. The returns are through the roof.
Sometimes I practice
seeing someone I love
love someone else,
and realize,
we are all better for it.
My lovers,
we make the moon blush
with each unbuttoning of monogamy.
Exploding exclusive dams,
choosing both,
always choosing both.