20151028_154940_HDR~2~2(1)Zach is a dedicated Thai massage practitioner with a loving touch and deep somatic intuition.

Some of the many benefits of Thai massage include:

  • Increased flexibility and blood circulation.
  • Better posture, balance, body alignment and body awareness.
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels.
  • A more clear and calm mind.
  • Boosted energy levels and strengthened immune system.
  • Reduced strain in joints, tendons and ligaments.



What is Thai massage?

Thai Massage, sometimes called Assisted Yoga Massage or Thai yoga, uses gentle rocking, rhythmic compressions, and supported stretching to bring a deep sense of relaxation and re-invigoration.

Who can benefit from Thai massage?

Everyone can benefit from a Thai massage, whether you’re a competitive athlete looking to relieve sore or tight muscles or you work in an office and sit on a computer for many hours in a day, Thai Bodywork is perfect for anyone looking to relieve stress, muscle tension and stiffness.

What should I expect from a Thai massage?

Sessions are typically an hour and a half or two hours long, and are done fully clothed, on a wide floor mat.

The client remains passive while the therapist guides them through a variety of different positions, poses, and stretches.

The therapist utilizes their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, and fingers to deliver pressure that can be either soft and spread out, or deeper than any deep tissue massage.

Sessions are customized according to the personal comfort, intention, and goals of the client.

I have pain in ____, will Thai massage help?

Thai massage is a gentle intervention that can have a tremendous healing effect for patients. It can induce a calm mental state which will reduce pain sensitivity.

Thai massage can be effective for back pain, sciatica and a variety joint problems. It can also help in the recovery process after an injury or surgery.

However, some conditions and injuries require the examination of a licensed doctor or experienced physical therapist. If you are in a lot of pain, make an appointment with your doctor first.

I’ve heard of Thai massage as an energy massage, yoga massage or yoga therapy, can you explain this?

The concept that there exists a natural life energy that flows through all beings is common in many Eastern Theories. In yoga philosophy this energy is called prana; in Chinese medicine and martial arts this energy flow is known as chi. Thai massage is said to manipulate a patient’s energy so that this energy can flow more freely through the body, mind, and spirit.¬†Fortunately, you don’t have to believe in chi to receive the numerous benefits that Thai massage has to offer.

Many of the positions used in Thai massage resemble yoga poses, such as cobra and reclined twist. Thus the practices of Thai massage and yoga complement each other very well. Thai massage can also be both good substitute and an addition to any yoga practice.